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Sisters and Task Group Ships

Created by Commodore Joseph Banning on Sun Apr 5th, 2015 @ 7:16pm

This is a list of the sister ships that the USS Sentinel has; they may be because of friendships with the Commanding Officers, or that members of both ships serve on the other one, or plenty of other reasons. It is an important friendship that these ships share with the USS Sentinel and we always appreciate the hard work and dedication that these ships play in their own adventures as well as our adventures as they may appear in joint missions or other aspects of our stories from time to time. We have friendships with ships in our own Task Group, Task Force and of course, Bravo Fleet as a whole and we thank them for their ongoing support. The information here is current as of the 26th of November 2017 however, information may change from time to time and potential applicants to these simulations should check the respective websites for current information.

Sims are separated below into 'Allied Ships' and 'Ships of the Themis Task Group'. Allied ships are those that come from any fleet or task force and are approved by the Command Staff. Ships of the Themis Task Group are the simms that comprise Task Group Themis of Bravo Fleet.

Allied Ships

Ships of the 'Themis' Task Group

USS Excalibur
Commanding Officer: Captain Anthony Richardson
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Mighael Dooley

Deep Space 14
Commanding Officer: Captain Richard Sharpe
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Lin Caran

Outpost Curtiss
Commanding Officer: Captain Wyatt Hickerson
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Michelle Garrett

USS Ascension
Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Roberto Dellucci
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander James Hood

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