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Full Speed Ahead

Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 8:44pm by Commodore Joseph Banning & Ensign Elizabeth Banning [PNPC - Banning] & Chief Petty Officer Eleanor Bartlet [PNPC - Banning] & Lieutenant Commander Janshen Tyr & Lieutenant Loras Saiya & Lieutenant Jarex Rel & Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick & 1st Lieutenant Michael Games

Mission: Mission 5: In A Time Of Need
Location: USS Sentinel - Deck 1 - Bridge and Deck 4 - Transporter Room 1
Timeline: MD04


"Transporter Room One, do you have them?" Joseph called over the comm, leaning towards the centre console from his chair as he awaited the response from the transporter chief three decks below.

[Transporter Room One]

The Petty Officer at the controls of the transporter watched the pad with keen interest as he materialised the away team carefully, still trying to cut through the interference being thrown out by the freighter. The materialisation process was taking longer than he would have liked, but he was succeeding. After a few brief but tense moments, the main team were all standing on the pad in front of him. A small message popped up on his console; the remaining members of the team had been transported to transporter room two and the shuttle back to the shuttlebay. Eyeing the Commander through his EVO suit helmet, he nodded with a smile. "Yes Captain, I have them," he said, locking the controls and moving forward to help the team down from the pad.


"Helm, back us away and resume course for Arbazan at maximum warp!" Joseph commanded, getting up from his chair as he heard Elizabeth keying in the commands on her console. "I'll be in the transporter room!" he advised the bridge crew as he ducked past the tactical station and into the turbolift. "Deck four!" his order to the computer could be heard from all the stations on the bridge, a final hiss from the doors sealing them off from the Captain.

"Finally moving.....we're finally moving...." Elizabeth said under her breath as she brought the ship's heading on an intercept course for the Arbazan system. Petty Officer Bartlet stood behind her and patted Elizabeth on the shoulder.

"You can say that again.." she whispered. She was far happier with the Sentinel now on the move; she would never had admitted it to anyone, but the freighter had been giving her the creeps ever since they arrived to its aid.

[Deck Four]

The turbolift slowed to a halt, the doors hissing open to allow the Commodore to exit. With a determined stride, he made his way for the transporter room; his face locked on a neutral look. He only hoped that the whole team had made it back, as he was not ready to start sending condolence letters to family, not again. A brief walk, owed mainly to the Sentinel's short measurements, wound him up in the transporter room. As he entered he was greeted by the sight of the main members of the away team in various states of EVA suit removal, the transporter chief working on the Marine CO's helmet which seemed to be firmly stuck on. He moved to Janshen, who was crouched down and almost completely out of his suit apart from the boots, taking up a crouching position in front of him. "Report, Commander?" he asked.

"It was bad" Janshen said quietly "We lost three of the Team, Richards, Smith and Holborn. That dome on the freighter's hull is totally unknown technology and there was another machine of the same construction in the mess hall. It..." He paused and swallowed, "It processed the crew! Butchered them, cut them up and stored their organs and body parts in tubes. We managed to get one off, but then it went active again and killed Richards, Smith and Holborn."

The dome was filling the ship with some kind of crystaline root structure, they were everywhere. We did get a sample of those and we have tricorder readings of the dome and machine. I've never seen anything like it.... " he trailed off.

Joseph placed a hand on his forehead, "Damn it," he murmured under his breath, "What about the rest of you, are you alright?" he spoke louder now, looking up at the rest of the team,

The doctor looked up at Joseph, she responded rather weakly, "I'm ok." What she saw over there had been horrifying. While she was not physically hurt, this was definitely going to leave its mark on her.

"Aye aye sir," Jarex said as he removed the EVA suit and hung it on its hook. "I have never seen, or heard for that matter, anything like that. I will check with Central Intelligence and speak with my superiors just to make sure, Commodore. Maybe there is mention of it above my clearance level." He stepped out of the boots and placed them next to his EVA suit then closed the locker then faced the CO and continued. "There is nothing in the Starfleet or it's allies' databases about a... machine like that."

"I'm alright sir," Games responded, removing his boots and placing them next to the rest of his suit, "it'll make for an interesting report, thats for sure."

Lieutenant Mubarick, now helping another member of the security off with his EVA suit, turned to the Commodore and spoke with a hard deep voice. "Sir, we lost three! We did not have appropriate countermeasures. It was, in my opinion a trap of some sort with different technology that we could not totally understand. As Chief of Security, I recommend destroying the ship!" Jafir spoke with passion in his voice. The loss of his fellow crew men could be heard in his appeal to Commodore Banning as he wanted the device to be obliterated never to harm anyone again.

"I'll be the one making that decision Lieutenant," banning replied, looking around at the team. He sighed a little, the thought of writing three condolence letters to families hanging on his mind. "Alright you lot, senior staff de-briefing in one hour; time if yours until then..." Joseph gave his orders, turning around and heading back out of the transporter room towards the turbolift. He made the walk at a brisk pace, arriving at the pod in almost no time at all. "Bridge!" he ordered, the doors hissing closed; the pod moving the short distance back up to deck one.


The officers at their duty stations noted the Captain's rather quick arrival back on the bridge, having left it only a few minutes earlier to meet the away team. "Estimated time to Arbazan?" Joseph asked as he headed towards the Ready Room.

Elizabeth brought up the time to their destination on her console, promptly replying, "Approximately thirty eight hours sir."

"Increase to emergency warp, I'll be in my ready room!" he replied in return, disappearing though the ready room door.

Elizabeth turned around to look at Petty Officer Bartlet, raising her eyebrows at the woman. "Aye sir," she said in confirmation quietly. With a few swift taps at the console the Sentinel's warp output increased to its absolute maximum, bringing the ship to its emergency speed of warp 9.985.





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