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Hello Doctor

Posted on Thu Mar 2nd, 2017 @ 4:03am by Lieutenant Loras Saiya & Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick

Mission: Off the Record
Location: Deck 5: medical Center
Timeline: Current

    He could not put it off any longer. He had been on the Sentinel for almost two weeks and he had not so much as been to the medical deck to get his mandatory physical. With his security evaluation of the ship done as well as finalizing his staff assignments, Jafir figured this would be as good as time as any to go down to medical and get it done.   
    The hallways of the Sentinel where becoming familiar as well as the many faces of the crew. The lighting and the volume of the traffic indicated that it was morning time. Alpha shift was coming on, which he was apart of.  

   "Deck 5". He said as he entered the turbo lift. The hum of the lift emitted for some seconds until it came to the medical deck. The doors opened and he walked onto the deck which was filled with medical personnel mostly dressed in Starfleet Blue trimmings with some dressed  in clean white uniforms.  

   Jafir approached the front desk and addressed the young female red headed medical assistant. 

   "Lt. Jafir Mubarick, here for a mandatory physical".  

"Sure thing, let me notify the Doctor".
" Thank you".

After only a few moments, Dr. Loras made her way to greet the patient. Being new to the ship herself, she was still in the process of taking inventory of Sickbay and the Medical Labs. Putting on a genuinely friendly smile, the Bajoran doctor greeted Jafir, "Good morning, Lieutenant. Here for your physical?"

Fortunately it was shift change, so Sickbay wasn't as busy as it would be. The majority of the crew would be making their way to the mess hall, one of the ships recreational facilities, or to their workspaces. Saiya turned gestured to the empty biobeds and joked, "Selection is limited, pick one that fits and we'll get started." 

Upon realizing that the Doctor was Bajorian, he found this a good opportunity to practice his. 
"Jol, Doctor. Wa Soraya neryshu". Which meant, thank you doctor and Good morning.

Saiya gave a friendly smile as she heard her native language. "Soraya renga, ja cholayn no Loras Saiya," she replied introducing herself. "Almost perfect, though watch your stressing on the middle sound in neryshu," she offered as advice.

  "That’s right...!." He though to himself. The same thing that the love of his life told him many years ago, to stress the ( Y), which was very important in the Bajorain language. Fond thoughts oh him and  Ensign Nia alone in her room, learning Bajorian and her learning Swahili.  This invoked   a rare occurrence on the face of Jafir, he smiled.
   " I surely will, Doctor. Ok, I think this is as good as any. Let us begin".  

 Lt. Mubrick sat on the nearest blue medical bed to him. Jafir felt at ease with the Blond haired Bajorian officer. Then again, he always felt at home with most of the Bajorians. Friendly and unpretentious and seemingly always willing to be of serves at the same time very dignified.

 Jafir removed his out shit jacket reveling his form fitting  black tea-shirt that adorned a gold Starfleet Symbol on it. He sat upright ready for the doctor to start.  
Saiya closed the distance between the two of them as she removed the scanning wand from the medical tricorder. The red light on the wand flashed indicating that is was scanning the patient as well as creating a holographic representation of him in the system in case of disease or major surgery.

"So Lieutenant, have you ever been to Bajor?" Dr. Loras asked. "Most other species don't bother to learn such a fringe language like Bajoran." The first bits of the scan's results began to come back, which indicated that Jafir was healthy.

Mubarick closed his eyes to a genital smile as fond memories of the Bajorian home world came to mind. He opened them as he began to speak.
   "Oh, yes. I have been to Bajor, twice. I have been to the Jalanda, in the Hendrikpool province. It must be one of the most beautiful places I had even seen. The Sky, the sun, the weather and that view of the ocean. Wow.. Breathtaking.   Other than my home, it remined me of Rio when I was on earth. Just so beautiful, without trying. How long since has it been since you have been to Bajor"?  

   He asked politely.   

"Let's see," Saiya started as she quickly began counting in her head. "It was about five years ago. I was assigned to the Apache and we docked with Deep Space Nine for some minor repairs before studying the Badlands." Thinking of home brought her mind to her home in the Rakantha Provence. She had never seen it as it had been before the Occupation and the Dominion War.

"I grew up in the Rakantha Provence," She said. "Before I was born, it was the breadbasket of Bajor. Crops everywhere, something to behold." Her eyes grew a bit sad as she recalled her own memories, "But, I only knew it as a ruined desert. I hear that the new agricultural reclamation project has begun the transition back to what it once was." In her mind, she added the phrase Prophets willing, to the end.

Switching back to the task at hand, the Bajoran doctor checked the data stream on the tricorder. "You seem to have many residual injury markers," Saiya started. "There are healed cracks and microfractures in numerous places in your body as well as scar tissue on some of your soft tissues," she added. "That lines up with your combat experience," she finished, almost sad that a person would have to endure some of the things that her patient had.

Jafir shook his head in compliance to what the doctor had told him. He had heard it for most of his adult life, due to the physical strain he had put on himself since he was a  young man.   

   "Indeed doctor. Everything has it price". He said with his strong deep voice and Swahili accent. 

"Indeed it does," Saiya responded a bit somberly. As she knew from personal experience, not all prices are physical. "Other than that, you are cleared for Starfleet duty," the Bajoran added, a bit more chipper.

  "Thank you Dr. Siaya.". Mubarick sad as he got off of the medical bed.  He but his duty shirt and straighten it out until it was service fit.  Thinking to himself that he did not have a lot of friends on the Sentinel, why not the kind Dr. Siaya. He turned to the Blonde haired medical Chief and spoke. 

    "Dr. I do not have many friends on the Sentinel.  I was wondering if you would join me this Friday night for Dinner. On my world, it is customary that we do not eat alone on Friday nights but share a meal with family and friends. Besides, I need a reason to make Bajoran maru'sha". 
He said with a pleasant smile.  

"Sure, maru'sha is good if prepared the right way," Saiya replied with a friendly smile. It was always difficult for a new arrival on a starship to begin to fit in. "I'll see you at eight this Friday."

"Excellent. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, my Bajoran will be better by then.". 

     Jafir said in a slightly joking manner. In a deep voice with slight Swahili accent, he turned to the doctor and said...."Joi, Na.... Soraya payal"! Hoping that he formed the sentence that meant " Thank you, and Good day". Touching his head with the first three fingers softly with his right hand with a slight bow, he about faced and left infirmary    



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