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End of the Line

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 @ 12:41am by Commodore Joseph Banning

Mission: Off the Record
Location: USS Sentinel - Starbase Freedom
Timeline: N/A


Joseph entered the office of Vice Admiral Mackenzie, the Commanding Officer of Starbase Freedom, and the surrounding sectors which the base patrolled. She was decently high-up the Starfleet chain of command, having been a Vice Admiral for almost as long as Joseph could remember her. Mackenzie and Joseph's parents had gotten along well when he used to see them together, although since his father had died he had noticed a profound lack of presence from the Vice Admiral now.

"Joseph Banning! Now there's a name and a face I haven't seen in a while!" the Admiral announced, standing up from behind her desk as Joseph approached. Joseph smiled wide as he walked up to the Admiral, opening his arms for a hug as they embraced.

"It's good to see you too, ma'am," Joseph said with a smile, releasing the woman from the hug and taking a seat in front of the desk. "I know you didn't call me up here for a catch up session," he led the conversation away from the pleasantries; it was rare for an Admiral of any kind to have another person from the Admiralty bring their ship into a starbase, unless it was for a very important reason. Joseph was about to learn the reason behind his visit.

Andrea sighed, because she knew the Commodore was right. "You're right; you are here for a reason but I'm not sure exactly how you're going to take it. Your ship is badly overdue for its refit Joseph; it was supposed to report in for refit over a year ago and I've noticed in your reports that you seem to be strategically avoiding starbases and repair there something you're not telling me that I should know Joseph?" She asked seriously. Joseph knew this day would come, he knew Starfleet would catch up with him eventually.

"I know full well the Sentinel is due for a refit ma'am," he began, rather seriously, "but in all honestly, she doesn't need it! We've managed quite fine making repairs as needed and she's still one of the fastest ships in the quadrant, at least it was the last time I checked..." he trailed off for a second, shaking his head back to reality from his ponderance and continuing. "Plus, I can guarantee Command will want to throw me behind a desk as soon as we get into a dry dock and, respectively ma'am, I don't care for it!" He affirmed strongly. He had no intention of being moored to a desk for the rest of his career; as long as he could retain command of a ship, he would stay in space for as long as he could.

"Who ever said anything about losing your command?" Andrea asked, now poising her head on her hands as she leaned in closer to the desk. "Yes, you will have to hand over command of the Sentinel to a temporary commander, but you will still keep her; I have no intention of taking the ship off you permanently, this is only a temporary measure," the Admiral insisted. Joseph could hear the sincerity in her voice and, for the first time, he believed her.

"Alright, lets just say you talked me into it and get it over with. How long are we talking here; a few days, months...what's it gunna be?" Banning asked, rubbing his head as if plagued by a headache. This was met by a chuckle from Admiral Mackenzie.

"Good heavens Joe, no," she laughed, "this refit will take at least a year at the minimum, and thats if I pull every available engineer of the other ships I have here and focus their attention to yours! No, the Sentinel will be here for nearly two years..."

"Two years!?" Banning retorted, "Respectfully ma'am, you can keep your refit and we'll make do with what we have on board," he replied, getting up from the chair and making his way for the door. Thankfully, Andrea stopped him.

"Commodore Banning! You will sit back down at this desk before I make you sit down....permanently," Andrea commanded, pointing back at the chair where Joseph had been, only taking her seat again once the Commodore sat again. "The Sentinel is to be the first Intrepid-class ship to receive these upgrades, upgrades which will make your ship easily the most manoeuvrable and fastest in the entire fleet. Not to mention we're going to give her a few more teeth, and she will be a potent little weapon with upgraded onboard facilities to match. Weather we give you the 'Intrepid Refit' title or go with what the engineers want to call it, we still havn't decided yet but one...." she explained, Joseph quickly cutting her off.

"Sorry, ma'am; what the engineers want to call it?" He queried, now curious. He was an ex engineer himself, and had been part of a few engineering teams which had been given the opportunity to name the class of ship they worked on.

Andrea cracked a small smile, "They suggested we give the Sentinel the class title....'Voyager Class'."

Now it was Banning who was smiling. "I think I like that..." he replied.



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