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Posted on Sun Feb 19th, 2017 @ 12:39am by Commodore Joseph Banning & Lieutenant Commander Janshen Tyr & Lieutenant Loras Saiya & Lieutenant Jarex Rel & Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick & 1st Lieutenant Michael Games & Ensign Matthew Russell
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Mission: Mission 5: In A Time Of Need
Location: SS Hudson Bay XXII
Timeline: MD04


[SS Hudson Bay XXII - Mess Hall Corridor]

Janshen counted the Away Team members as they rushed out of the Mess Hall. There were three missing! He secured his visor and risked a quick look around the doorway. The unmoving bodies of Richards and two Security officers were being dragged across the deck towards the machine, their bodies enveloped in a gray beam.

He ducked back, unslung his phaser rifle, flicked it to the highest setting and brought it up to his shoulder. Taking a deep breath he leaned around the door and took a quick snap shot at the machine. The phaser blast did not even reach it, it spread out and dissipated over some kind of forcefield that now surrounded the machine.

He pulled back, clearly they did not have the firepower to damage it. The only course of action was to get back to the ship without loosing anyone else to that nightmarish contraption. Just then the door frame began to glow a gray-green. The killing beam was back! Janshen lurched back away from it hurriedly.

"Russell!" he called "Get this door shut!"

"Aye sir!" Matthew said back to the XO in a hurry, crashing down next to him and moving isolinear chips around in the wall next to the door. With a satisfying beeping tone coming from the manual controls, the doors to the mess hall hissed closed; Ensign Russell pulling the chip that controlled the locking mechanism out afterwards. A secure sounding clunk could be heard, reassuring Matthew that the doors were indeed locked. "Mess hall secured, sir," he advised the Commander, placing his head on the upper wall plating.

Once the door was secured Janshen checked the remainder of the team members. "Check your helmet and boots! We're leaving!" He ordered and took a quick look at the freighter's deck plan on his PaDD

"We're getting off this ship and we're taking a short cut! We're going for'ard towards the Bridge, to where those escape pods were. We'll blow the inner hatch on the one that was used and get out on to the hull. Then back to the shuttle. Mubarick; Games; you two have point! Detail a couple of your team to bring up our tail. The rest of us are in the middle. Russell standby to open the other door!"

"T'van, Emmons! You have rear guard! Winter, Kr'voc, right and left stride, Rodriguez, you are on personal escort of the Commander, is that clear?"

"Yes sir!" came the response from Ensign Rodriguez.

"Commander, seeking permission to attempt a retrieval?" Jafir asked with the look of desperation in his eyes. He was old school, and he did not want to leave a man behind, dead or alive.

Janshen heard the pain in Mubarick's tone, he did not like leaving anyone either, but that machine was too deadly to risk it. "Permission denied. I'm sorry, but there's nothing left to retrieve. We can't risk loosing anyone else. Get us to the hull Lieutenant"

Though he did not like what he heard, denying him a chance to retrieve his comrades in arms, he knew that Commander Janshen's logic was sound. Jafir said in his native language by instinct to himself "Nisamehe ndugu", which meant 'Forgive me my brothers'. "Security! Press forward to the escape pods! Lets get these guys out of here! Shoot anything that is not us!"  

Jarex double checked the seal in his helmet and mag boots, making sure both were functioning properly. Jarex had never seen anything like that machine, processing biologicals as some kind of food source... or something. Heading his compression rifle, he followed the team as they moved along toward the escape hatches. He would need to make inquiries from Central Intel Command and see if there is any record of anything in the database, as long as it wasn't above his clearance level that is.

Of all of the things that she had seen in Starfleet, this might have been the most nightmarish. Saiya grabbed whatever of her equipment that she had used and replaced it quickly into her medical kit. She had been following the team that she had been with back to the Sentinel. She had never heard of such a device, one that seemed to eat people.

Janshen could hear snatches of Banning calling him from the Sentinel. The comms seemed to have gotten worse again. He reported their plan, hoping the ship would move in to help them once they got out on to the hull.

"Away Team to Bridge! The machine went active and attacked us. We have three K.I.A. and are evacuating! We are going to exit via the Bridge Escape Pod launch bay" He repeated it, hoping Banning would hear.

[USS Sentinel - Bridge]

The Ops console at the rear of the Bridge had been sounding alert tones for nearly a good minute now, the focused look on the face of Lieutenant Markinson not helping Joseph feel much better; the man was a mess, and he could tell. "Sir, sensors are detecting increasing power levels aboard the freighter....and that dome is jamming every comm frequency outside a hundred metres of it," he advised the Captain, who had now joined him at the Ops station.

"There's got to be a way to get a message to Janshen and the others..." he said, albeit quietly but with a tone of desperation. "The shuttle…. what if we aim our communications array directly at the shuttle, and bounce the transmission though to our guys on the freighter…. could that work?”

“Yes sir, it could,” Lieutenant Traimar said from the Engineering station, directly next to the Captain. “We would have to amplify and boost the signal even higher though, and I don’t know how long I can keep that kind of power level going through the array without running the risk of frying it,” he explained, now bringing up statistics on the ship’s power usage.

Joseph nodded his head assuringly. “Do it; I’ll happily burn the array out than risk us not having contact with the away team,” Joseph gave the order to Markinson, who began the delicate task of shunting power to the array. “Adjust our position Liz, bring the communications array into direct line of sight of the shuttle!” he ordered, now moving back down to the command level and making his way to his seat.

“Open a channel,” Banning ordered, hearing the usual comm tone sound before speaking again. He only hoped Janshen could hear him. “Sentinel to away team… Janshen, do you read me?” The background static was cutting in and out badly, and Joseph was beginning to think that they we’re trying to fight a losing battle. Turning his head around, he eyeballed Markinson at Ops, who simply shook his head; there was no response. “Let’s keep trying, they might be moving….if they’re moving towards the outer hull they should start to hear us.”

[SS Hudson Bay XXII - Mess Hall Corridor]

"Everyone lock your boots down, it's going to get rough!" Janshen called. There was enough atmospheric pressure in the small corridor that the decompression would hurl people around if they were not firmly clamped down.

"Russell open the door!"

Matthew pulled the control chip out for the second door, the power cell giving it enough power to hiss the door open for them.

Jarex made sure that he was firmly clamped to the deck when Russel opened the door. The small amount of atmosphere was immediately and forcefully vented into space, creating a vortex that pulled at anything and everything not attached to the ship. Once the atmosphere was gone, Jarex moved around and faced the door.

Saiya quickly tapped out the commands on her leg that magnetically clamped her boots to the floor below her. She had pressed herself against the wall and kept low in order to keep from being ripped away. As the vacuum subsided, the doctor took a few quick glances around to ensure that the coast was clear. Her hands gripped her phaser, though she still wasn't completely sure how much she'd make a difference if things went south that badly.

Janshen braced himself, leaning into the bulkhead as the atmosphere rushed out through the opening doors, thankful his boots kept him clamped in place. Thankfully the air was being ripped away from them, instead of into their faces like before.

The turmoil was over quickly, beyond the now open doorway the short corridor led to the bank of escape pods, but the floor was covered in the gray crystal roots that had not been there when they entered earlier. The roots were maybe a foot deep, the green flares pulsed rapidly making the floor almost seem to writhe and move! "Games, Mubarick!" Janshen called "Clear the way, get us through!"

Michael brought his phaser rifle up and began firing at the crystals rapidly, his peripheral vision noting that Mubarick was doing the same. The pair were moving forward into the crystal masses, their weapons clearing a path for the away team to follow but before long, the crystals were starting to absorb the energy weapon fire, and their path began to fill back up with crystals behind them.

"Move move move!" Janshen called, as soon as there was a path through the crystals. The open hatch to the escape pod bay was just a few feet along the corridor. The Away Team clustered around it as Games worked the manual control to crank the door open so they could clamber out on to the hull.

As soon as the door swung open communications cleared and Banning's voice was now loud and clear, almost blaring from their helmet speakers. "Away team, prepare for transport!"



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