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Things Lost and Found

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 8:31pm by Lieutenant Jarex Rel & Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick
Edited on on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 11:55pm

Mission: Mission 5: In A Time Of Need
Location: Intelligence Center, CIO’s Office, Deck 6
Timeline: BACKPOST


Jarex was in his office, poring over multiple reports from Starfleet Central Intelligence when his terminal pinged with the receipt of a new report. Tapping several buttons on his terminal, he brought up the report; it was marked *Sensitive, Crew Data*. Jarex had several data mining algorithms set up for Intel reports that involved any members of the crew as he didn’t want the Commodore or the XO to get blindsided by anything that could potentially affect the ship. Not that he was data mining for dirt on the crew, he only set up the algorithm on reports that Intelligence received about his fellow crewmates. Being informed was the best way to stay ahead of any situation.

He opened the report and quickly went over it, his eyebrows rising in interest as he did so. Interesting he thought to himself. I know someone who will find this even more interesting. Reaching up, he tapped his combadge.

“Lt. Rel to Lt. Mubarick,” he said when the channel was open.

"Mubarick, here Lt. Just the man I wanted to see"... Mubarick said as he was inspecting the security monitors and other sensory equipment in the Spartan Security office. "However, first things first, what can I do for you Lt"?

“Do you have a moment?” Jarex said his tone even, almost light. “I have just received some information from one of my sources and I believe that you will want to hear it.”

It will be interesting to see the reaction on the new Security Chief when he heard what Jarex had to say. It’s not every day something of this nature happened and he was keen to make a profile on him. He wanted to make sure that everyone was who and what they said they were. It was good practice to be a little paranoid in the intelligence line of work.

"Indeed, Lt. In fact, I Shall be at your office with in ten".

"Very well," Jarex said into the comm. "Rel out."

Jarex continued to go over his unending supply of intelligence reports while he waited for the Sec Chief. The situation on Arbaza was still bad; the plague was continuing to ravage the population and there was little that Starfleet Medical could do until the Sentinel arrived with the KB-7 that was in the hold.

Hopefully the Arbazan's could hold out that long. Sometimes these diseases had an extremely detrimental effect on a population, especially when the virus was so virulent and deadly.

Jafir finished up working on his computer console addressing many of the minor security concerns on the Sentinel. The security / tactical officer was Spartan and small compared to the rest of the department head offices. There was a quietness that muted the room with the occasional beep from the computer as well as a flat hum from the force field of the brig. Other then that, it was a peaceful place to work in silence, which Jafir often liked to do.
After taking the last sip of his beloved Moroccan mint tea, his own stash, not replicated, he stood up and said in a deep firm voice with an accent ...

"Mubarick to security personnel, Winters and Emmons, meet me at the intelligence office". 

"Ensign Winters, Aye sir."….." Ensign Emmons, Aye sir". They replied. 

Jafir Mubarick then picked up his PADD and head down the hall to meet with Chief Intelligence officer Rel.

Jarex waited patiently for the CSO to arrive, going over the intel reports. He really couldn't wait for Vosik to arrive so he could help whittle down these reports to things that were important for him to see. If not, he would spend the entire time looking at reports and not actually doing his job. 

Jaifr Mubarick walked into the intelligence office followed by Officers Winters and Emmons. Both of which had a strong presence about them as the entered.  Jafir approached the individual whom he believed to be Lt: Rel. He knew he was a Tril, he just hopped this was the right one. 

"Greetings, I am Chef Security / Tactical officer Mubarick". He said, with a voice that filled the room and a strong Swahili accent, at the same time offering his hand. 

“Jarex Rel,” he said as he stood, taking Mubarick’s hand and giving it a moderately firm shake. “CIO.” He looked over the CSO’s shoulder briefly at the 2 security ensigns that had come into the Intel center with him then back to Mubarick. Arching an eyebrow, he cocked his head slightly and said, “You expecting any trouble? I can assure you, aside from the bridge the Intel center is the most secure place on the ship.”

Realizing that tall Trill Intelligence officer was thrown off by the presence of security officers Winters and Emmons, he began to speak. 

"Oh indeed, Lieutenant Rel. As chief Security officer of the Sentinel, I must see to it that that is a consistent fact". Mubarick looked down to his PADD for a quick reference then looked back up and continued. 

"From what I have seen, the last security chief had the security section guarded with rotating officers, thus having many different offices come in and out of this section. In my opinion, this is a security flaw".  

"The more individuals that come in contact with Intelligence, the more harder the keep track of who has accesses to what at what time. I believe it is better to have dedicated officers assigned exclusively to Intelligence, thus limiting the suspects in case of a data leak. As well, I would like to assign officers who have not yet worked post for Intel and as of this moment, we are the only ones who know who your  Intel- security officers are, and we will keep it that way". 

"Lt. Rel, let me introduce you to officers, Jason Winters and Michael Emmons".   

The two stepped forward  to embrace the hand of the Chief Intelligence officers. 

"They have been instructed  not to reveal their post to anyone. They are the first measure of physical defense for you and your staff as well as the critical data of this department. They are high ranking in close quarter combat as well as executive protection, this they will guard you with their lives, Lieutenant". Mubarick said in a very firm and committed tone.  
"I don't have a problem with dedicated security staff," Jarex said, shaking his head to indicate that he did not. "I will have them posted at the entrance to the intelligence hub, on the inside of the foyer. They can provide the second level of security, a checkpoint if you will, the first being the ships' systems tracking the combadges of those officers allowed access to Intel, which at this time are the senior staff. At no time are they allowed past the foyer entrance to intelligence as that requires level 8 or above security clearance. We can't have them listening in on secure conversations or having access to eyes only intelligence. Agreed?"

"Most excellent, agreed." Mubarak said with an affirming tone and a hand shake.

"Before you go," Jarex said, reaching down and grabbing the PADD with the pertinent information and handing it to him. "This is some information that you will likely find... interesting to say the least."

Jarex waited to see the Sec/Tac's reaction to the information to catalog it in his memory bank like brain.

As Lt. Mubarick looked down at the PADD, a silence came over Jafir. He first took a breath as he closed his eyes to retain the emotion that overcame him. Then he slowly opened his eyes to contradict all dis-belief.... it was her, Nia.

“Winter, Emmons, would you please wait by the turbo lift for now”? He asked in a unusual lower tone of speaking.

“Aye, Sir”. They responded.

"Mubarick's large eyes then raised to Lt. Rel with a look of both aw and rebirth.

“Lt. Rel, do you know who this is? ...And do you know what she means to me”?

Mubarick asked as to convey the profoundness of the matter.

Jarex took note of the Man's reaction and catalogued it. "I only know what is in the intelligence file," he said, trying to fill his voice with sympathy. "I can surmise the rest."

“Thank you, Lt Rel. if only you know what this means to me. She's alive”!

Mubarick said in an almost uncontrollable manner but swiftly bringing himself back into composure. He then slowly handed him back his PADD then placed his hands behind his back as to restrain himself into a disciplined manner.

“Lt. Rel, if you will, I would like to as soon as possible, reconvene with you on this matter. It would mean EVERYTHING to me”.

"Very well," he said, taking back the PADD, small smile on his face. "I am at your disposal. I will send a message to the asset and see if we can glean any additional information and I will pass it along as I receive it."

"Thank you, Until later”.

Lt. Mubarick, with wet but not tearing eyes, straighten his back and made his way to the Turbo lift. After Sending Emmons and Winters to there Post, he continued alone in the turbo Shaft.

“Deck 5”.... he commanded.

In the silence of the turbo lift, Mubarick held his hand on his face and began, to cry..... saying to himself.

"She's Alive”!

Realizing he was approaching Deck 5, for which he had to compete a check up on the security team, he quickly fixed himself and walked of on the deck.


Lieutenant Jarex Rel
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Sentinel


Lieutenant Jafir mubarick
Chief Security Officer
USS Sentinel


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