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Jafir Settling In

Posted on Mon Feb 13th, 2017 @ 11:07pm by Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick

  It was 1600 hours on the  Sentinel. Beta shift was about to come off while Lt. Mubarick, as well as the rest of Alpha shift was about to come off. At first he considered  going  to the ship's social lounge and mingle with  the crew a bit. However, he remembered he still had not unpacked his bags.  
For the past week, he had been none stop. With his feet hitting the ground running, being put on an away mission to conducting a thorough security evaluation to getting to know all of the Sentinel's 343 meters of kept him busy to the point that his personal items in his room had been neglected.   
"Deck 2. The computer gave off a sound in acknowledgment of his command.  For some seconds the dull hum of the turbolift emitted in its  silence until it came to the sensor staff's deck. Jafir got off on to an empty  corridor. He went to his room and walked into a dark, barley illuminated by star light space from the starboard window

"Lights, medium setting". He commanded with them coming on. 
   As he always did, which was customary for his people, he took of his shoes and placed them on a small mat by the door. He looked over his room to get a better idea of where to place what. After getting an idea, he then changed into his traditional shati and suruali, loose fitting africanest shit top and pants that wher white and embroted in light blue. He then placed his silver braclet that his mother gave him on his 17th  birthday along with some beads he put around his neck.  

   Looking  over the the four bags he had next to his bed, he went over to them and began to open them all one by one. Jafir bagan to place his affects around the room.  With in no time his spartin space became his own decorreted in beautiful african art work. He actovated his halo picture that rotaded picture of his family and his love, Nia.  He placed his rug on the gorund which for him, substantiated a sacred space.   

   Jafir eventually came to his green bag. When  he opened it, a picture hit his heart. There it was, a group picture of he beloved 301st Marines. Both feeling of fondness and sadness came over his as he sat on the floor looking into the eyes of his comrads. He then came to himself in the Photo. How young he was, even with hair. In a low voice he said to himself, " Hu rah", in honor of his regement as well as those faces whom he would never see again.  

    Last but not least, Jafir came to a very special item. He pulled out his family's ceremonial sword of the house of Mubarick, which all of the house of Mubarick received upon completing their five years of service to the people and to the Federation. It was a very elaborate peace, made of gold and silver with west African Runs on them. On the hilt, two gold stars that represented the two Suns that orbit Colony 13, also called, New Zanzibar.  

   Holding up with both hands, he slightly bowed to it in respect. Then he stood up and placed it on his wall across from his bed. It fit perfectly he thought to himself, now happy with the way his space now looked.   

   As he looked into the bag to see if he forgot anything, he found he had indeed. A the bottom of his black bag wrapped in black valor cloth he reached for a special item that was dear to him. His Vulcan Nasha'ra. It was a metallic object used for meditation by many Vulcans. It was given to him by the father of the man who had died saving his life, Ta'rik, a Vulcan who was a fellow Marine, who had taken control of a Cardassian Bridge, and ejected the team to safety just before the ship was destroyed. When he visited his family of Vulcan, his father gave him one of his son's prized possessions. Jafir made a pledged that if he ever had a son, he would name him after his fallen comrade and good friend.
   He placed in on the floor, next to his rug. At this time, he lit his incense emitter which brought a mild sweet sent to the room. Jafir then got into his sitting position and closed his eyes and began his meditation ritual to bring end to the day.  





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