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Posted on Wed Mar 4th, 2015 @ 4:35pm by Ensign

I knew they had done things to me. [Laugh]

Gee, I guess the implants weren't a good enough hint. The blood filtration, subspace transceivers, numerous actuators, weren't a good enough hint.

I had a dream. An old memory, almost. I had wings. They were flaps attached under my arms, part of my tail, and I think my legs. They weren't quite like Bat's wings, or like Bird's wings. Almost like a squirrel, almost.

I think I could make something like them. It wouldn't be quite the same. It'd be a machine, but maybe if I tied it into the neural architecture for my implants, I could have something back. I could even have a bit more. Those wings were only for gliding, I bet I could attach thrusters, really fly with them.

This... this narrows the list of species I could be. There isn't anything like me, but me... But maybe I can get close. One more parameter, in billions to search for.


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