USS Sentinel

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Mission 5: In A Time Of Need

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Just as the Sentinel is preparing to depart Langley Station for its next mission, the USS McCoy limps in. The Olympic Class Hospital ship has suffered a crippling warp core failure in the middle of medical supply run to the Arbazan System where a plague is ripping through the population. In the McCoy's medical storage bays, kilotons of the cure needed desperately by the Arbazans. Out of the numerous ships at Langley, the Sentinel is drafted to take over the emergency mission due to her impressive warp capabilities.

A seemingly straight-forward medical supply mission for the crew of the Sentinel; but what awaits them away from the safety of the starbase? What will the crew find that will puzzle and confuse them?

Off the Record

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No storyline, no timeline; this is just for the sole purpose of writing for the fun of it!

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Mission 1: Disposable Heroes

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Fresh from visiting bases and stations with his Admiral father, Captain Joseph Banning has finally decided to ask why they were traveling around reviewing cadets and training ships. The truth is much darker than what he could ever imagine.

On the other side of the Federation-Klingon border tensions have begun to spill over into anarchy and violence as the Klingon High Council learns some of the darker secrets in the Sentinel's history. To that end they have given the word, "Find that ship and learn its secrets."

What are the secrets? Why is a Starfleet Captain being dragged around the Alpha Quadrant for? What is 'the Sentinel'?

Mission 2: When Two Worlds Collide

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Upon entering a temporal vortex created by a renegade Romulan ship, the Sentinel enters a subspace anomaly. Not only going back in time, the crew find that they have also been shifted to an alternate dimension in space. Will Captain Banning have to violate the prime directive to get his crew home? What happens to the marines he left behind on Killana Two? Are the people of this dimension friendly to outsiders, or will they find more enemies than friends?

Mission 3: One by One

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After returning to Earth from an alternate universe, the crew are handed a simple exploration mission to one of the farthest corners of the quadrant. But, where there are unexplored systems come unknown challenges and worse; enemies.

What lies in the dark corners of the Beta Quadrant? Will the crew of the Sentinel meet new friends, or crash into old enemies?

Mission 4: The Uninvited

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After being pulled into a rudimentary Borg transwarp gate in the Ruah system, deep in the heart of the Beta Quadrant; the Sentinel and her crew find themselves a long way from home, a very very long way from home. After making some minor repairs, they discover that they’ve been spat out in the most inhospitable region of space known to the Federation, the Delta Quadrant.

What kinds of challenges will the crew face? Will the Sentinel become the next USS Voyager? Will they get home?


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Emerging from Transwarp, the crew of the Sentinel find themselves in the arms of a safe haven; Langley Station, the home for the Kensai Task Group. Deciding that they're safer to stay put for a while, the Commodore issues his orders for their first official shoreleave in nearly two years. Coinciding with Chistmas, the crew are finally able to relax.

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