USS Sentinel

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Mission 1: Come to Life

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The USS Sentinel; a ship which has not been seen for a number of years, sits dormant inside a large hollowed out asteroid within a Starfleet surplus yard. Struck from the registry in 2385, it was searched from top to bottom time and time again by Section 31 inside the asteroid until they gave up. Their motive; find the information stored in the ship's computer from its first mission in 2384, when the ship was commanded by Captain Joseph Banning. The asteroid was then towed to Starfleet Surplus Yard Three with the Sentinel still inside and left for eternity.

Arriving at Deep Space Six, XO of the USS Nova, Lieutenant Commander Diane Shelby has no idea her life is about to get a lot more interesting; but for better or for worse? Several hours after their arrival, a relic of Starfleet's past arrives at the station; the refitted Constitution Class ship, USS Korolev - now one of Starfleet Academy’s cadet training ships, is here to collect a very special person and take them to their future home.

Who will make it to the Sentinel first? Will it be her new CO, a young Commander with only a few short years of XO experience under her belt? Will the Korolev make it to the surplus yard with Shelby in one piece, or will the ship's sheer age catch up with it? Can the Klingons get their hands on the Sentinel and learn its secrets before anyone notices them?

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