USS Sentinel

A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.

The Sim

Welcome to the USS Sentinel, I am Commodore Joseph Banning, and we have been an active simulation since February 5th, 2014 but I have been a CO for more than five years of various other ships. The USS Sentinel is a Nova-based simulation and all posts are completed and found on this very site. The USS Sentinel is tasked with a range of missions, so there is no knowing where we will be going next, and that is all up to what our players write in their posts and our missions are guided by our players.

We welcome all players who wish to join with us in our writing, regardless if you have 10 years of experience or 10 minutes; all players are welcome and this includes transfers. We will work with you to make your transition to our simulation as seamless as possible and to make your time with us enjoyable. Here is just a little bit of our back story, as the USS Sentinel has a long and extremely colourful history with the Obsidian Fleet.

I warmly invite you to stay a while, browse our mission posts, check out our database for tips and advice to make your time with us enjoyable and fun and I hope to see you soon as a crew member on the USS Sentinel!

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