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Lieutenant Commander Janshen Tyr

Name Janshen Tyr

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2''
Weight 205
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray-Blue
Physical Description Janshen Tyr is a tall, well built Bajoran male, physically fit and athletic. He has gray-blue eyes, crew cut blonde hair and chiseled features. He has clearly defined nose ridges and wears a Bajoran earring in his right ear.


Spouse Unmarried

Personality & Traits

General Overview Janshen Tyer has a deep and spiritual faith in the Prophets of the Celestial Temple located within the Bajoran Wormhole.

The conventional non-Bajoran understanding of the Prophets, as an advanced alien non-corporal species, does not diminish his belief.

This faith has sustained him throughout his life, it is a source of encouragement and inspiration.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is resourceful, innovative and adaptable. He has excellent strategic and tactical skills honed by his early childhood; Militia service; Star Fleet Enlisted Academy; ongoing training and experience.

Besides his Security training he has hands-on combat experience with a range of weapons and equipment.

He is also a qualified small-craft pilot.

Has a strong sense of gritty humor, which he exercises frequently.

In his supervisors reports he has been criticized for a strong negative attitude towards Cardassians, whom he blames for his parents death.

While generally open and friendly, he is slow to trust completely and can be guarded around those he does not know.

As a professional and well trained security operative he works hard and to a high standard, he has little time for shoddy workers and under-performers.

If required he can quote sections of SF Regulations and Security manual from memory.

As a Senior Non-Comm he expects and maintains a high level of discipline from subordinate NCO's and enlisted ranks.
Ambitions To maintain the safety and security of Bajor, through applying his talents to StarFleet and the Federation.

To rise in his chosen career to become a Chief Security and Tactical Officer.

To be worth of a Pagh'tem'far - a sacred vision granted by the Prophets
Hobbies & Interests A keen mountaineer, his favorite holodeck program is scaling a difficult cliff face on a Bajoran moutaineer.

He trains regularly in the gym and maintains a high level of physical fitness.

He has a small personal Bajoran holographic projector which can display scenes from Bajor on the wall of his cabin

Personal History Janshen was born in 2360, in a village in the foothills of the Janitza Mountains on Bajor’s major continent. It was towards the end of the Occupation of Bajor by the Cardassian Union. Times were hard and his early life was dominated by the oppression of the Cardassians. His father was involved in the Bajoran Resistance and was killed during a raid on a military supply dump. In retribution the Cardassian’s executed Janshen’s mother along with nine other members of their village.

The seven year old Tyr was sent to live with his paternal grandfather, a former member of the Bajoran police. The old man lived further into the mountains, near the Faldorna Monastery. He was friendly with the Abbot and despite the remote location he ensured his grandson received a well-rounded education at the monastery’s school. His grandfather also taught Tyr to live and survive in the high country and mountains. Janshen was also taught to shoot and hunt, becoming proficient with both a battered old phase rifle and a bow and arrow.

Following the withdrawal of the Cardassians in 2369 and the formation of the Provisional Government life steadily improved and Janshen grew up in a more peaceful and settled environment. During his early teenage years Tyr was considering following in his grandfather’s footstep and becoming a police officer. That changed when his grandfather was hired as a mountain guide in 2371 for the joint Bajroan-Starfleet argo-biology expedition into the heart of the Janitza mountains and Tyr was exposed to “aliens” from the Federation. His contact with these friendly off-worlders, so different from the invading Cardassians, fostered a desire to explore beyond Bajor and he decided then that he would join Starfleet.

During the Dominion War Bajor stayed neutral through its non-aggression pact and Tyr fretted about the possibility of the Federation losing the war. In 2375 following the end of the war and the Treaty of Bajor, Tyr knew his dream was back on track. After completing his education he undertook his mandatory two years of service in the Bajoran Militia, specializing in security.

Towards the end of Militia service his grandfather died, leaving Jenshen with no living relatives. After travelling home to deal with his grandfather’s funeral and estate he sold the house and took the first shuttle he could to Deep Space Nine. There he brought a one-way ticket to Mars.

A month later and he had enrolled in the Starfleet Technical Service Academy for enlisted personnel. Janshen continued his security and policing career by opting for Security and Tactical training. After six months his instructors recommended him for a transfer to the full Academy. After assessment and testing he was accepted, transferred to the San Francisco campus and began his career as commissioned officer cadet. Three years later he graduated forth in his class overall and took a prize in marksmanship.

His first assignment as a newly graduated Ensign was to the Tactical department of the Akira Class USS Osaka and he spent a year aboard patrolling the Breen border. The ship was involved in a number of minor skirmishes with Breen raiders and he received a Captain’s commendation for his handling of the ship's defense during one incident.

Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and a new ship followed, the Prometheus Class USS Northern Star. Janshen again did well, rising to be Alpha Shift Assistant Tactical Officer on one of the ship’s three Vector-Sections during multi-vector attack mode. Eighteen months later he was promoted to Lieutenant and became Assistant Chief Tactical officer. He seemed to be thriving in the hands-on environment of the Tactical division.

His dedication and professionalism impressed the Executive Officer and Captain and he was recommended for a transfer to the Command division. This involved a spending a couple of months in each of the major functional departments - engineering; operations; flight control - learning how to control and manage a starship. Successfully completing the introduction period he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned assistant bridge officer for Delta shift.

In 2389 he returned to Starfleet Academy to undertake the Command school training. He successfully undertook the Bridge Officer’s Test, gaining his command rating and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Janshen returned to the fleet, serving as Second Officer aboard the Galaxy Class USS Kilimanjaro which undertook a two year long exploration and mapping cruise beyond the far borders of the Romulan Empire. permission for which was granted after the closer relationship between the Federation and the Star Empire following the Hobus supernova.

With the mission completed and the Kilimanjaro head to space dock for a major refit and maintenance Janshen was transferred to the USS Sentinel as Executive Officer.

Service Record 2378 – 2380 Bajoran Militia: Orbital Security Force
2380 – 2381 Crewman Recruit: Starfleet Technical Service Academy – Security & Tactical training
2381 – 2384 Starfleet Academy
Year I Cadet - Majors: Tactical & Security;
Year II Cadet - Majors: Flight Control; Engineering
Year III Cadet - Minors: Command; Science - Archeology
Year IV Cadet - Academy Training security vessel USS Claymoor
2384 – 2385 Ensign: Tactical division USS Osaka
2386 – 2387 Lieutenant Junior Grade: Assistant Tactical Officer USS Northern Star
2387 - 2389 Lieutenant: Assistant Bridge Officer, Delta Shift USS Northern Star
2389 – 2390 Starfleet Academy: Command School; Bridge Officer’s Test
2390 - 2392 Lieutenant Commander: Second Officer USS Kilimanjaro
2392 - Lieutenant Commander: Executive Officer; USS Sentinel

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