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Lieutenant JG Sanuye

Name Sanuye

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Durenia IV
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Dark Blond-Copper (long)
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Sanuye has long hair (extends to mid back) with braids worked into the right side of his hair; he has no other facial or body hair. He has slightly pointed ears and a tribal tattoo on his right temple as well as another on his left shoulder blade. He has a lean, well-muscled, athletic build typical more to runners than body builders. When off duty, he tends to dress in black almost exclusively, preferring comfortable to fashionable always. He carries a knife at his hip that he made when he came of age as part of his initiation into his caste. He is never without it.

Racial Traits:
- Above human averages senses (sight/smell/hearing)
- Naturally shielded - nearly impossible for a telepath to read
- Able to block off memories (accessible only by verbal command)
- Lifespan: Approximately 200 years


Spouse None
Children 38 (Ceremonial - none are biological)
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) He considers all male Azhadi in his tribe as his brothers
Sister(s) He considers all female Azhadi in his tribe as his sisters
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sanuye is intelligent, highly curious, and soft-spoken. He has a natural reserve, stemming from his years on Durenia IV, and opens up slowly to people he doesn't know. Once past that reserve, however, Sanuye is friendly and outgoing. Loves to play with children, to laugh, and to spend time with those he trusts. Coming from a nomadic tribal background, he disdains overly comfortable environments and prefers to sleep/sit on the floor. He loves being outdoors. He adapts quickly to new environments.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Better than human average sense of smell/sight/hearing
- Eidetic Memory - with the unique aspect of being able to be ordered to forget events on command (really, tucked away behind a shield he couldn't then access until commanded to do so)
- Extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, knives, and phasers
- Strong code of honor
- Believes in the truth and will not lie even to save his own life

- He would rather commit suicide than be forced to commit a dishonorable act (would have to be something extreme - like being ordered to kill children, for example)
- Doesn't trust easily
- Its not in him to give up - he will keep regrouping and coming back until he achieves the objective
- Has bouts of insomnia
- Has issues with medical personnel - but only if they try to sedate him (fears being kept alive by artificial means)
Ambitions Sanuye, having been forced off his home world, longs more than anything to belong again, to be part of something greater than himself. He found that in Starfleet. The concept of ambition is foreign to his people - one does what needs to be done. If there was one thing he might want for himself, it would be to see what's out there/explore.
Hobbies & Interests - Extreme Running
- Camping (usually with only his knife)
- Swimming
- Listening to live music/plays
- Reading (something he only learned to do when he left the Home World - books were not permitted to his caste)

Personal History Durenia IV is inhabited by tribes. At one time, there were many each with the same composition. Three castes (Azhadi - warriors, Mo'aku - scientists/secret keepers, and Amrazi - caregivers/artisans) ruled by the Imaii (spiritual mother of the tribe). The Azhadi protected the tribe and provided security for the Imaii. The Azhadi, and in some cases the Imaii, were the only ones permitted to have contact with foreigners/out worlders. To dishonor or attempt to harm the Imaii, was an immediate death sentence. The Azhadi were called the 'stars that burned brightly though for a short time only' referring to the fact that most if not all died young in battle. They have also been called the upraised sword that stands on the edge of the known looking out toward the unknown.

It was into that society that Sanuye was born. As an Azhadi, he fully expected that his life would be led in service to the tribe and that he would one day die in battle. He was at peace with that in his 16th year when he made his weapons (a knife and a sword) and accepted his caste mark.

Unknown to any of the Azhadi, the Mo'aku were planning and overthrow of the system. Traditionally, if two tribes met, the first among each group of Azhadi would fight to the death. The losing Imaii would also die, usually by ingesting poison, and the tribe would then be assumed into the winning tribe - after that point, it would be as though they had always been together. By orchestrating such meetings between tribes, they consolidated the tribes into one. The Imaii, who came from the Mo'aku caste, then ordered the Azhadi to lay down their weapons and leave the Home World forever.

It was said to be the darkest day in Durenian history. One by one, the Azhadi lay their swords at the feet of the Imaii, their Mother, and walked off to the space port (a symbolic act indicating that they would one day return).

Sanuye wandered for a long while - lost and more alone than he had ever been. The betrayal was enormous and difficult to face. In time, he came to realize, as he learned to read, speak Federation Standard, and make choices for himself for the first time, that he needed a purpose. He chose a career in Starfleet.
Service Record - Graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy - Security/Tactical with a minor in Command
- Served about the USS Dayan as a security officer. Promoted to Asst. Chief of Security.
- Transferred to the USS Sentinel as Chief of Security/Tactical.

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