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Lieutenant Loras Saiya

Name Loras Saiya

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Saiya keeps herself in fit condition, as well as her on duty uniform. She keeps a healthy lifestyle as an example to her patients. She can be found wearing her lab coat at most times, usually because of the extra pockets it offers her on busy days switching from treatment to research. Her hair is kept down, unless it is a formal occasion or she is performing surgery. While deeply religious, Dr. Loras does not wear her D'jarra earing citing outdated Starfleet code and personal reasons.

While off duty, she wears bright colors and clothing that matches her cheerful personality. She is considered attractive, though she would never admit that.


Father Vedek Loras Doran
Mother Major Loras Vesta (63, retired Bajoran Militia)
Brother(s) Lt. Loras Marte (28, Engineer, Utopia Planetia Shipyard)
Sister(s) Loras Jillia (32, Priest, Bajor/Deep Space 9)

Personality & Traits

General Overview To the casual observer, Saiya is a bright and cheerful person. She enjoys healing all hurts, be it emotional, injury, or illness and carries that in all she does. Under the rays of sunshine, she has a strong personality. She defines herself by her determination and her devotion to the Prophets, though she will not openly talk about her religion.

She regularly tests herself through different tasks. She has memorized various prophecies and has learned the basics of Kal toh as part of these tests.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Determination
+ Intelligence
+ Ethics

- Overly attaches to patients
- Can work entirely too hard
- Very shy at first
Ambitions Her biggest ambition is to cure anyone who enters into her care, no matter how impossible the situation. Outside of that, she believes the medical field is her calling from the Prophets. She has no designs on command or material awards.
Hobbies & Interests Holonovels
Games (cards, darts, Bajoran Springball, kal toh)
Cultural Emersion

Personal History Saiya and her siblings, Marte and Jillia, were born in aftermath of the Cardassian Occupation during a period of transition for Bajor. The planet went from the backwoods to the center of the Galaxy during their young lives. Their father was a respected Vedek who kept himself out of politics and focused on the rebuilding effort. Vesta, their mother, had been a resistance cell member during the Occupation who was then transitioned to the Bajoran Militia.

Saiya spent her life between her father's monastery, some far flung province helping to rebuild, Deep Space 9, or whichever outpost her mother had been assigned. During this time, she developed a keen interest in healing. At the age of four, she gave a toy to a young refugee. The happiness the young boy showed set her on a course to heal the wounded and the sick.

She spent her youth studying the Prophets and in a more secular school, which her faith became an object of ridicule. Because of this, she separates her religion from her work off planet. She was able to go to the best schools on Bajor for both realms. Her family life was threatened to be torn apart during the Dominion War. Even though Bajor had signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion, her father was killed during a humanitarian mission to a system near the badlands. A crashed Jem'Hadar ship had been spotted near the area, and the occupants had run out of the "white." They killed her father in their withdraw rage during the late stages of the war.

She came out of the hurt as a more determined person, as she started at Starfleet Academy as a medical student. She made a few Bajoran friends who formed a small Springball Club. Saiya also attempted to get to know as many non-Bajorans as she could. She passed her classes with honors.

Instead of being sent to a ship like she wanted, Saiya took an open Resident spot on Starbase One. She developed her skills operating and caring for those assigned to Earth. She did get to see the occasional delegate from an outside government, but she wasn't satisfied with staying stationary.

For the next step of becoming a full-fledged doctor, she took a fellowship aboard the USS Paladin. As a Galaxy-Class ship, Saiya was able to learn from one of the best in Dr. Jeffries. The crew complement alone gave her experience with many different species and conditions, not to mention the isolated species that were discovered along the way. Her proudest moment came in her work to help find a cure to an atmospheric fungus that caused infection in the colonists of a small planet near the Delphic Expanse.

After her fellowship ended, an event happened that changed her life. The Romulan Empire's Hobus System went supernova and shattered the Empire. As her fellowship was over, Saiya requested leave to join Doctors Without Borders on a humanitarian mission to the Star Empire's space. She was able to be placed in charge of her own clinic at a refugee center. The stories and the experiences that she had deepened her faith in the Prophets and gave her a new prospective on life.

As her year tour ended, Saiya returned to Starfleet as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the USS Apache. The Cheyenne-Class vessel's main mission was to patrol various hotbeds of criminal activity. She got her first real taste of combat during this time as an away team that she was a part of became caught in an ambush. It was the first time in her life that she had been tasked with the opposite of healing. Once the ambush was over, per her character, she was honored for caring for the people who had only moments before attacked her group.
Service Record 2378 - 2380: University of Bajor, Pre-Medical School
2380 - 2384: Starfleet Medical Academy
2384 - 2386: Resident/Intern, Starbase One/Starfleet Medical, Medical/Surgical Residency
2386 - 2387: Lieutenant JG, USS Paladin, Galaxy-class, Medical Officer(Fellowship)
2387 - 2388: Non-Combatant, Romulan Star Empire/Doctors Without Borders, Medical Doctor/Humanitarian
2388 - 2393: Lieutenant (JG), USS Apache, Cheyenne-class, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2393 - current: (Insert Rank), USS Sentinel, Chief Medical Officer

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