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1st Lieutenant Michael Games

Name Michael Austin "Mic" Games

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Australian -
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 185lbs
Hair Color Black Hair, Typical short military fashion.
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Michael from a past mission (Classified) received a wound that due to the inability to seek immediate medical attention scarred on his right scapula. The wound is circular in nature approximately four inches of diameter, when looked at closely, anyone with experience can tell it was from a pulse rifle.


Spouse None
Children None
Father David Games (Vice Admiral, Retired)
Mother Joyce (Linstead) Games (deceased 2391)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview The son of a prestigious Star Fleet family, Michael carries himself tall and proudly backed by esteemed mental and military discipline. He remains soft-spoken, accented, and equally calmed under fire or in a heated debate, though will never employ physical force first in such disagreements, but will defend himself quite efficiently. He also has strong attachments to matters concerning his family, especially when his mother passed away. Michael has a great sense of humor when it comes to being off duty and out of uniform, at times he has been known to be the life of the party. Michael has been known to break a rule or two in the course of duty. This should be considered in future postings as somewhat of an attribute since the rules being broken have never been for personal profit or betterment, but for the safety and sanctity of his ship and crew.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Michael since his interest was inspired from his grandfather, is a Swords Master. Michael instructs basic sword classes to keep his skill honed, but if required in battle he will wield a blade with deadly force. Michael also is skilled in small blades, something he simply had the knack for. Michael possess excellent piloting skills, as the trade came natural to him during the Academy. Talented with firearms and accurate aim. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, both armed and unarmed.

Michael has a bad habit of sizing individual/species up when he first meets them causing him to be a tad 'cold' and heartless towards those he is not agreeable with, not giving them an opportunity to give their best foot forward. Michael also has a "workaholic" issue, at times has to be ordered off duty or strenuously reminded he is only human and requires rest.

Michael at times can be found playing a ditty on an old Earth instrument called a harmonica. Tends to play it when he is bored, nervous or needs to think which tends to get on other not so music lovers nerves.
Ambitions Michael wants to be like his father, a career man, to go the distance in command, with parts of his mother to guide his sensibility.
Hobbies & Interests Historic Nautical Battle Simulations on the Holodeck, Fencing/Sword Play (collects swords), Model Ship Building, Mysteries of various degrees, Parisi Squares, hiking and rock-climbing without the aid of antigravs and camping.

Personal History Michael had a typical childhood growing up as an only child and was somewhat spoiled, his father being an Admiral in Starfleet Academy as a teacher in Quantum and Temporal mechanics and his mother a teacher in fine arts and history. During his schooling he was quite active with the sciences and "extracurricular" activities such as Parisi Squares, hiking and rock-climbing without the aid of antigravs and camping with his father. Michael became exceptionally well trained in the art of sword play (an art his grandfather started him on), and quickly went up the ranks to sword master, but once he joined in Star Fleet his pursuit of standings ended there. Michael grew up with his best friend Nathan Bryan, who to this day Michael keeps in regular contact, whenever possible the two get together to rehash old times, Nathan is currently serving aboard the USS Revenge as Chief of Engineering.

At age 18, with no particular direction aside from his lust for adventure, Michael enrolled into Starfleet Academy, like his father and his father before him as family tradition enveloped. He had no problems with his application being accepted its first submission and was successful in all his classes applying himself 100%. Finding a natural aptitude for leadership, he pursued a command track in the graduating in the top 5% of his class and earning his families respect and happiness as proud parents.

In 2391 Mic's mother was stricken with an incurable illness that shortly took her life, due to his unknown whereabouts (classified mission) Michael was not able to attend the funeral services for his mother (something he deeply regrets each day). Michael and his father have bonded closer together since his mother's death and on his vacations spends them on earth where his father resides and still works in Sydney Australia.

Michael has dated on and off, being a Star Fleet Marine Officer, commitment has always been difficult resulting in break ups.
Service Record 2384 - 2385: << Cadet 1st Year >> General Studies SF Cadet/ROTC >> Starfleet Academy SF

2385 - 2386: <> Tactical Cadet/ROTC >> Starfleet Academy SF

2386 - 2387: <> Tactical Cadet/ROTC >> Starfleet Academy SF

2387 - 2388: <> Advanced Tactical Training/ROTC >> Starfleet Academy SF

2388 - 2389: <> Cadet Cruise /ROTC >> Academy Vessel USS Derringer

2389: Graduate SF Academy & ROTC: Promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant SFMC

2389: 28 Weeks SFMC Basic School >> Camp LeJeuene <<

2389 - 2392: SFMC Detachment Executive Officer >> USS Carinthia <<

2391: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant SFMC

2393: Reassignment to USS Sentinel, Marine Contingent Commanding Officer

Education - Before Starfleet Academy:

2373 - 2384: Entered into private schooling - York Academy of Technology and Arts, Sydney Australia - Earth.

Michael joined Star Fleet Academy in 2384, his application was accepted at face value despite who his father was. Michael excelled in his four years of training within Star Fleet Marines. Michael found himself to be an exceptional pilot, but his real talent laid in the manner of how he used his personal leadership style as an art in influencing fellow officer’s behavior and attitudes to accomplish desired tasks assigned by his superiors or himself during his cadet cruise. Michael's service record reflects a testament to his capabilities as a Star Fleet Marine Officer. Upon completion of academy training at Star Fleet Academy San Francisco, 2nd Lieutenant Game's gained assignment on the USS Carinthia, a Galaxy Class Starship, a good first assignment.

2390 - USS Carinthia came under attack by 2 unknown vessels (believed to be pirates) while patrolling the Cardassian Neutral Zone, several of the command crew were killed, where by 2nd Lieutenant Games distinguished himself as an outstanding and promising marine officer with definite command ability by assuming command. Although this was under extenuating circumstances, the young 2nd Lieutenant upheld the truest form of Star Fleet and values by destroying one of the attacking ships. While still locked in combat the Carinthia severely damaged the other attacking ship quickly departed when support arrived (USS Endeavour) forcing its retreat. The USS Carinthia and remaining crew made way to Star base 9 to undertake repairs and tend to the more seriously wounded and care for their dead.

2391 - Operation Windmill (Classified) * 2nd Lieutenant Games lead one of many away teams into a hostile planetary environment to rescue settlers sighted for termination from alien raiders. 2nd Lieutenant Games received a serious wound to his right shoulder protecting a settler from sniper attack, his attempt failed and the settler’s life lost, but his bravery is so noted. The planet in question was not a member of the Federation of Planets, but deemed necessary to have been under observation giving the nature of it's location and feasible future consideration for application. *

2391 - Level 1 Reprimand - Classification: Disorderly Conduct and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer: The investigation that was undertaken into this incident has been met with a chain of proverbial "stone wall". Conflicting reports from patrons of the Quarks Bar and Gaming House have led us to believe that 2nd Lieutenant Games involvement was not as innocent as the tribunal was led to believe. For this "brawl", it is the opinion of this tribunal that 2nd Lieutenant Games is on the "fast-track" through command and should be unofficially overlooked. However, he will remain in his current grade for an additional term in lieu of a court martial.

2393 - 1st Lieutenant Michael Games had been selected to serve aboard the USS Sentinel currently under the command of Commodore Joseph J. Banning, as Marine Detachment Commander.

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