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Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick

Name Jafir Kenyata Mubarick

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 187Ib
Hair Color Black (Bald).
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Jafir Mubarick has all the typical characteristics of a human of African decent with the exception of his Wide hazel Eyes that can at times give him a menacing look about him. Jafir walks with pride and regalness, as if he was born to be a solider. Jafir wares a black glove over his right hand. Ask him why if you like!


Spouse None
Children none
Father King: Ali Mubarick (57)
Mother Queen: Rbiyah Saleema, Mubarick (57)
Brother(s) Prince: Lt:Commander Dunama Faruq, Mubarick (deceased)Died in the Dominion War.
Prince: Korenga Ali, Mubarick:(47)
Prince: Sulman faroq, Mubarick (34)
Sister(s) Princess: Umaymah Bint-Ali Mubarick:(48)
Princess: jafila Bint-Ali, Mubarick (36)
princess: Adaku Bint-Ali, Mbarick (22)
Other Family To many to mention.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jafir Mubarick is a Man of order and discipline, thus comes off as a extremely serious individual. He speaks with a very authoritarian tone about him and a slight Swahili accent . To many, he can be distant, cold and abrasive. However, once others get to know him, they come to find him anything but. He is a warm, and gentle person who cares deeply about people
and humanity who dose not tolerate cruelty to others but he dose demand the very best of those under his command.

Speaks: Swahili, Federation Standard, Bajoran and Romulan.
Strengths & Weaknesses STREGHTHS
+Physically fit

-Can be detached

Ambitions Jafir Mubarick's profeesional ambitions are to server as member of Star-Fleet for life. he takes this a personal responsibility to represent his family and home world.

He still has a longing to find his long lost love, Nia of Bajor who was lost to him on assignment when he was in Star-Fleet Intelligence.
Hobbies & Interests Jafir Mubrick is a Olympic Gold medalist in both track and field as well as Muy Thai kick-boxing.
Jafir like to do halo-deck obstetrical courses that many would fine brutal. He regularly exercises, running 5 miles every day as well as dose his regiment of calisthenics.

He is a top level hand to hand fighter. He is comsidered a master in Muy Thai, Kempo Judo and ka'rak, a Klingon fighting style.

Jafir Mubarick is also an accomplished chef. He thoroughly enjoys cooking. He has masters dished from around the galaxy from Earth, Bajor, Vulcan, which is some of his favorite and even Romulan.

Personal History Jafir Mubarick was born the 5th Son of his second wife of his majesty : King Ali Suleiman, Mubarick of colony 13, new Zanzibar, thus is afforded the title of " Prince", in his home world.

As a youth, he excelled at athletics. At the age of 17, at the World Terran Olympics, Prince Jafir Mubrick brought home gold medals for new Zanzibar. One in both the 1Kilometer dash and the 7 kl Obstacle Course. The third in the Muy Thia Kick Boxing competition for which he defeated over 157 opponent from around the galaxy, including the favored, Naz Gnarv, of the Klingon home world, who was expected to win. Coincidentally the two became friends later on in the Dominion War.

From his youth, he always wanted to travel beyond the his home world and would often beam up to the space station to watch the ships come in and out of space doc. At the age of 12, he got his chance to step on board the command bridge of a Galaxy class star ship thanks to his father's good friend, Capt: Marcus Duran of the U.S.S: Donatello. In the marvel of it all, young Jafir new what he wanted to do from that point on.

For the next five years, along with his physical training, Prince Jafir studied hard and was excepted into Star fleet. With his excellent physical condition, he applied to Star-Fleet's school of Strategic operations and Warfare academy where he excelled and graduated with in the top five of his class. Six months after his graduation, the Dominion wars broke out. He was assigned to D.S.121, with the 301st Special Warfare regiment.

0, For all three terrible years of the Dominion Wars, Jafir Mubarick engaged both the Cardasians and the Jem-Hadar on countless raiding and sabotage missions until near the end of the war, in a rescue attempt of one of his fallen comrades, he was critically wounded and lost his right arm. “Which was later replaced”. At the end of the war, jafir had risen to the rank of Capt: of the 301th Special Operation Marines (Hell-Fire Club) and was the recipient of the Purple-Heart and twice, the Medial Of Valor.

After the Dominion wars, Capt: Jafir Mubarick served as an instructor back in star-Fleet for the next three years, then he was given a chance to take the Star-Fleet Intelligence examination, for which he pasted and ranked high in all areas. He was transferred to Star-Fleet Intelligence. His record have been made CLASSIFIED. For this time period.

He served as an Intelligence Operative for seven years. After which jafir, for the charges of “ Insubordination” was reduced in rank. Many believe for not following orders that would have resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians. After which, he left Start-Fleet, a year off to re groups.

Realizing that he was not meant to live a civilian's life, Jafir Mubarick returned back to star-fleet. He applied and was excepted into the department of Tactical / Security. He now awaits an assignment.
Service Record 2369- 2373 Applied for and excepted into Star-Fleet Academy. Primary: Star-Fleet Marine School of warfare. Graduate: Marine Corp Officer Rank: Ensign of the 301st Battalion of Advanced Warfare force Recon marines. ( The Hell Fire Club). immediate deployment in the Dominion War.

2373-2375: Service with the 301st Advanced Warfare Marines, Recon Division. Awarded the Star-Fleet Marine Commendation medal. And twice the recipient of the Star-Fleet Medal Of Valor ( Honor). Nearing the end of the Dominion War, Lt: Jafir Mubarick was critically wounded, loosing his right arm. He was given the Purple-heart. Status: medical leave, for arm replacement and Therapy. Returned the 301st the follow year.

(2376-2379): Instructor at Star-Fleet Academy of Advance Warfare. September 5th of 2379, at the invite of Commander Avon of Star-fleet Intelligence to take the Star-Fleet Intelligence Qualifications Exam (S.F.Q.E). LT. Jafir Mubrick, scored top 10%. November of that year, Transferred to Star-Fleet Intelligence Academy.

(2380-2382): Star-Fleet Intelligence school. Graduated top 7%. Same year: Assigned Field Duty.

(2382-2387): Duty and Rank: CLASSIFIED. NOTE: Lt. Jafir Mubarick was demoted in the field for insubordination. But was also awarded the Distinguished service award. In that year, Jafir left Star-Fleet.

(2388): Spent one year looking for his wife to be, Warrant officer barashi-(Nia), who was lost in duty.

(2390): Returned to his home world of Colony 5, New Zanzibar for a year.

(2391-2392): Returned to Star-Fleet. Transfer into Star-Fleet Tactical /Security.

(2392- Present) Awaiting new Assignment.

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