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Commodore Joseph Banning

Name Joseph Jake Banning

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 51

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 198 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Joseph is one very built unit. Many hours in the gym as well as eating healthy have kept his body in fine condition throughout the years. Standing six foot four tall, he has a commanding stance that draws attention no matter where he goes. When on duty his uniform can always be found to be crisply clean and pressed which only adds to his presence. Off duty can be the complete opposite. He usually chooses early twenty first century attire in the form of jeans and a t-shirt.


Spouse Rachel Banning
Children Ensign Elizabeth Banning
Andrew Banning
Father Admiral Jake Banning (Deceased)
Mother Rear Admiral Mary Banning
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various relatives on both sides.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Joseph possesses the uncanny ability to be both relaxed and commanding at the same time. This trait is seen by many as a valuable asset to the ship as it makes him extremely approachable. He uses humour often, making jokes about various situations and bringing a light-hearted aire to where ever he goes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Great Command Officer
- Approachable
- Physically Toned

- Suffers Memory Loss
- Sometimes uses humour during inappropriate situations
- Depending on the situation he can be a little indecisive
Ambitions It is Joseph's ambition to one day take command of another Task Group within the fleet, and eventually take over as a Task Force Commanding Officer. In the short and long-term, he wishes to uphold the exploration mandate of the Federation and protect its borders.
Hobbies & Interests Joseph spends a lot of his spare time either playing vintage earth rock music or reading books in the ship's library. He also uses his free time to work out in the gym and compete in sporting events on the holodeck.

Personal History Born in February of 2342 to parents Jake and Mary, Joseph Jake Banning grew up on the family's rural property near Jindabyne in south-eastern Australia. His childhood was filled with memories of riding horses with his family, going for hikes in the mountains during the warmer months while skiing and snowboarding during the winters. Growing up for Joseph was a relatively smooth affair; doing well in school and moving seamlessly into secondary schooling when he turned 12 years old in 2354.

Joseph greatly enjoyed his time in high school, taking a keen interest in Woodwork and Metal Technology classes, as well as Computer Studies. He felt he was most comfortable when he could work on something with his hands; turning a piece of wood into a one-off creation that awed his teachers, or helping repair the metal roofs on the old classrooms. It was here that Joseph began to gain a reputation as a real handyman, being asked to fix things before the grounds keeper was asked. Later in school he would go on to study Physics and Legal Studies; two subjects that served him well in future endeavours. He finished high school at the age of 17 in 2359, leaving the small school in the top ten percent of his class.

On his 18th birthday, February 22nd 2360, Joseph signed the PaDD on his future career as he joined Starfleet Command as a Cadet at the San Fransisco based Academy, and he left Jindabyne on the shuttle the next day. Upon arriving, he instantly made new friends with his Engineering prowess; fixing the broken replicator system in the block he shared with eleven other males of his intake. During his time at the Academy he stayed well out of trouble until an incident during his third year. As he was walking one of the female cadets from his intake home late at night, he was set upon by three thugs who caught him off guard. Apart from the odd broken bone or two, Joseph suffered a dangerous blow to the head which caused minor brain damage. From that point onward, Joseph suffered from memory loss. Thankfully, Starfleet Medical took him in and created a small device which was connected to his cerebral cortex; the Memory Assistance Module. Its function was to assist the brain in creating, storing and recalling memories. This turned a potential disability into the strongest asset for Joseph, allowing him to finish the academy with majors in Astrophysics and Engineering at the end of 2363.

The book of life for Joseph turned a new leaf in the beginning of 2364 when he was posted to his first ship as an Engineering Officer, the USS Venture. For Joseph, this was an extraordinary opportunity as it was rare at the time for a freshly-minted Ensign to be posted on such a modern and luxurious ship. His skills as an Engineer and a capable leader did not go unnoticed, regularly being tasked by his Chief to oversee certain repair and maintenance procedures and operations. It was these early days as an Engineer that his superiors began to see there was an excellent leader hiding within the greasy-engineer exterior.


It was mid 2384 when recommendations were sought by Starfleet Command from the plethera of COs for XOs who were prime candidates for their own commands. Captain Samuels was all too happy to submit Joseph's name for consideration, and it was shortly after this that he was requested to board the next available transport in the area; bound for Obsidian Fleet Command to take command of his first ship. Upon arrival he was immediately shuttled to the ship that he would first command, the Intrepid Class USS Sentinel.


2391 would prove as the highlight of his Starfleet career. In early February he was reappointed as the Commanding Officer of the first ship he commanded; the USS Sentinel. It is from here we follow his journey...
Service Record February 2360 - Enlists in Starfleet Academy

December 2363 - Graduates Starfleet Academy majoring in Astrophysics and Engineering

January 2364 - Posted to USS Venture as an Engineering Officer. Promoted to Ensign.


June 2384 - Posted to USS Sentinel - Intrepid Class as Commanding Officer

July 2384 - Promoted to Commander

January 2385 - Promoted to Captain

June 2385 - Transferred command to USS Gemini - Galaxy Class

September 2385 - Promoted to Commodore

June 2386 - Transferred command to USS Apocalypse - Normandy Class

January 2387 - Resigned command of USS Apocalypse. Listed as on Extended Leave

February 2391 - Posted to USS Sentinel as Commanding Officer. Reinstated as Commander

August 2391 - Promoted to Captain

January 2392 - Appointed Task Group Commanding Officer, Task Group 47-B

August 2392 - Promoted to Commodore, reassigned to Task Group 47-C

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