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The End

Posted on Sat Apr 1st, 2017 @ 11:12am by Commodore Joseph Banning

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A decision I have been wrestling with for quite some time has been the future of this sim. Some of you may have noticed that I seem to go MIA for a little while, then come back with a spur of activity, then disappear again. This cycle continues until I find my mojo to write and everything goes all hunky dory again. This time however, this has been different. This time, I haven't found my mojo.

Do I blame it on the players? Do I blame it all on the Fleet? Do I blame that pesky mouse thats been running around deck three for the past couple of weeks? No, no I can't blame any of them. The blame for this has to be squarely levelled on me, and no one else. I am the CO, I am the GM, I am the one who should be the shining example of the simulation and, frankly, I'm not. I haven't been the best example of a Task Group CO either, a position I cherish very very much. I've let my Task Group down, I've let you guys and girls down, and more importantly I've let myself down.

So, what does all this mean?

Effective immediately, I am resigning my position as Commanding Officer of the USS Sentinel and my position as Task Group Commanding Officer of Task Group 47-C. Someone from the fleet will be in contact with you shortly to open up the position of CO to any of you who may wish to take over (to whom I give my wholehearted well wishes, I know someone can run this place better than me). If someone from here is successful, then I will transfer full admin control to them and be on my way. If no one wishes to take over, then I will request that the site be deactivated, so another fine simulation can join the Utopia Host servers to write their magic.

So after three years, one month, three weeks and five days....this is goodbye, for the final time. And good luck out there!



Commodore Joseph Banning (Ret.)
Former CO, USS Sentinel
Former TGCO, TG47-C
Obsidian Fleet



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