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Upcoming Leave and General Messages - COM Banning

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 10:22pm by Commodore Joseph Banning

Well, I've gone and done it. For the first time in a very very long time, I will be going away on holiday and will not have any internet access whatsoever. What have I done!?!?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year when I must bid you adieu for a few days, so that my wife and I can go away on holiday for our one year wedding anniversary. For those of you who wish to keep an eye on where we're at, we'll be on board 'Ovation of the Seas' for a twelve night cruise departing from Sydney. We leave on the 28th of January (thats in five days time) and will be returning on the 9th of February (which is a Thursday). This means I will have internet till the night of the 28th until we leave my mobile phone's range, and I will be back in full on the morning of the 9th.

WHILE I'M GONE, DON'T RUN AMOK! Just kidding! The XO, Lieutenant Commander Janshen Tyr, will be in charge of the site and the simm itself while I am gone, and only he has my permission to write for Joseph while I am away should he need to. Questions, queries or concerns should be directed to him in the first instance. Don't message me and expect a reply, you'll be waiting nearly two weeks before you get one!

With that, before the end of the month I want to see everyone complete a post under the 'Off The Record' mission header. Remember, this does not have any restrictions placed upon it (except it maintains our PG13 rating, no 18+ stuff!) so do not feel it has to involve your character; it can be an NPC, a distant family member, it could be set in the future, or the past, in an alternate reality, your options are almost endless! There are eight days until the end of the month, so you should all be more than capable of getting a post up! The XO will have our next JP post ready to rock very very shortly, so hop straight onto it when you see it and lets make 2017 the Year of the Sentinel!


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