USS Sentinel

A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.


Here on the USS Sentinel we are concerned with having a safe, happy and enjoyable writing environment for the players that wish to join us, and for our visitors to enjoy reading our stories that they too want to be a part of the adventures. However, in order to keep that promise to our players, our visitors and to Obsidian Fleet; we need to have a few small rules to make sure that everyone plays fair and that nobody feels overwhelmed.

The Command Staff thought long and hard about how many rules they wanted to have, and felt that three (3) rules was enough; not too many, but also not too few. These rules are in place to make sure that fleet guidelines are followed and also that everyone does play fair and respects each other and the simulation.

  1. 1. Post a mission post (min: 500 words) to our mission at least once every two weeks, which is the fleet standard that is mandated by the Joint Fleet Command. Assistant Department Heads (ADHs) and Department Heads (DHs) who want to progress in the simulation should envision to post more often than every two weeks while the Executive Officer and Commanding Officer should be posting to the mission at least once every three-four days in order to keep the mission flowing at a steady pace and to avoid long periods of inactivity. All players who can not post for whatever reason should declare a leave of absence to the Commanding Officer through the correct leave procedures found in the database.

  2. 2. All players are required to stay active whilst they are a member of the simulation, that means that players should envision to log into the website at least once a day in order to check in on any saved mission posts that they might have, any outstanding private messages or requests from command staff members as well as to check up on any new news that may have been broadcasted to them. Players should also check their email accounts to make sure that they are receiving emails from the website and consider creating an email filter to make sure that they do receive emails from the website.

  3. 3. All players should enjoy their time on the USS Sentinel; and should most of all have fun making their mark in our missions and paving the way for everyone else to have their own say on where our missions go and the outcome that they produce. Players who feel that they are being unfairly treated should use the chain of command to discuss their concerns to find a diplomatic solution before taking their concerns further.

These rules are very simple and allow the command staff to know that the simulation is in good hands when they are away from the website and doing things in real life. However, there may be times when a player is not following the rules and is not being a team player and it is these times when the command staff needs to step in and make a decision that is in the best interests of the whole simulation; not just a few people. These are no in particular order and are at the discretion of the Commanding Officer. These decisions are mostly of an out-of-character nature, however, may be included in-character:

  • demotion to next lowest rank, or further if of a serious nature
  • removal from position as a Department Head (or Assistant Department Head) and loss of access to parts of website
  • moderation of posts for a period of time at the discretion of the Commanding Officer
  • probation, meaning that player must follow further rules outlined by command staff for period of time
  • suspension from simulation for period of time, meaning that account is frozen and player may not log into website
  • immediate removal from simulation or subsequent banning from applying for a period of time (or permanent banning if of a serious nature)
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