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Investigating Derelict Freighter - All Stop

Obsidian Fleet Task Group 47-C Flagship

The year is 2394, and the state of the galaxy is poor.

It has been seven years since the destruction of Romulus in the Hobus supernova and the Romulan Star Empire is only now beginning to find its feet once again. Various systems are controlled by radical governments hell bent on their own survival, while the Romulan Republic begins to form on their new home world, aptly named 'New Romulus'. Bringing more instability to an already unstable situation in the Beta Quadran, the Klingon Empire has begun to take advantage of the dissolution of the old Romulan Senate by slowly taking over worlds one by one. Some worlds are met with little resistance, others are overwhelmed by massive battles of superiority. The Federation continues its humanitarian efforts with hospital ships regularly making trips into Romulan space and refugee vessels being taken in at Neutral Zone outposts every few days. It is a trying time for the three major powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

I am Commodore Joseph Banning, Commanding Officer of the federation starship USS Sentinel. The Sentinel is an Intrepid Class starship that is the flagship of Task Group 47-C, part of Task Force 47 in Obsidian Fleet. We may from time to time team up with a fleet-aligned ship for missions but, for the most part, we sim on our own. As the Federation's focus slowly shifts back to its original mandate of exploration the Sentinel will serve on the front line in her role as a Long Range Exploration vessel.

So, welcome to our wonderful simulation! If we have tantalised your creative mind or you just want to join us and find out how everything pans out then why not join our crew? At the moment most major positions are available for the taking so head up to the top of the page and hit 'Join', fill out an application form and lets see where the future takes us!

Welcome, and I hope to write with you soon!

Commodore Joseph J. Banning
Commanding Officer
USS Sentinel - NCC-74673

Task Group Commanding Officer
Task Group 47-C "Kensai"
Task Force 47 "The Avengers"
Obsidian Fleet

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Latest News Items

» The End

Posted on Sat Apr 1st, 2017 @ 11:12am by Commodore Joseph Banning in Sim Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A decision I have been wrestling with for quite some time has been the future of this sim. Some of you may have noticed that I seem to go MIA for a little while, then come back with a spur of activity, then disappear again. This cycle continues until I find my mojo to write and everything goes all hunky dory again. This time however, this has been different. This time, I haven't found my mojo.

Do I blame it on the players? Do I blame it all on the Fleet? Do I blame that pesky mouse thats been running around deck three for the past couple of weeks? No, no I can't blame any of them. The blame for this has to be squarely levelled on me, and no one else. I am the CO, I am the GM, I am the one who should be the shining example of the simulation and, frankly, I'm not. I haven't been the best example of a Task Group CO either, a position I cherish very very much. I've let my Task Group down, I've let you guys and girls down, and more importantly I've let myself down.

So, what does all this mean?

Effective immediately, I am resigning my position as Commanding Officer of the USS Sentinel and my position as Task Group Commanding Officer of Task Group 47-C. Someone from the fleet will be in contact with you shortly to open up the position of CO to any of you who may wish to take over (to whom I give my wholehearted well wishes, I know someone can run this place better than me). If someone from here is successful, then I will transfer full admin control to them and be on my way. If no one wishes to take over, then I will request that the site be deactivated, so another fine simulation can join the Utopia Host servers to write their magic.

So after three years, one month, three weeks and five days....this is goodbye, for the final time. And good luck out there!



Commodore Joseph Banning (Ret.)
Former CO, USS Sentinel
Former TGCO, TG47-C
Obsidian Fleet

» New Player!

Posted on Sat Feb 18th, 2017 @ 10:33pm by Commodore Joseph Banning in General News

Please join me in welcoming Daniel to our simulation, a returning player from the Sentinel's second incarnation all the way back in 2014! He returns to us with his character Sergeant Ashley Kincaid, Marine Squad Leader. Please make him feel welcome!

» Nova 2.4.8 is LIVE!

Posted on Sat Feb 18th, 2017 @ 10:30pm by Commodore Joseph Banning in Website Update

Howdy folks,

The site has now been updated to Nova version 2.4.8. Please let me know if you have any issues with the site or accessing it as soon as possible!

» Upcoming Leave and General Messages - COM Banning

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 10:22pm by Commodore Joseph Banning in Out of Character

Well, I've gone and done it. For the first time in a very very long time, I will be going away on holiday and will not have any internet access whatsoever. What have I done!?!?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year when I must bid you adieu for a few days, so that my wife and I can go away on holiday for our one year wedding anniversary. For those of you who wish to keep an eye on where we're at, we'll be on board 'Ovation of the Seas' for a twelve night cruise departing from Sydney. We leave on the 28th of January (thats in five days time) and will be returning on the 9th of February (which is a Thursday). This means I will have internet till the night of the 28th until we leave my mobile phone's range, and I will be back in full on the morning of the 9th.

WHILE I'M GONE, DON'T RUN AMOK! Just kidding! The XO, Lieutenant Commander Janshen Tyr, will be in charge of the site and the simm itself while I am gone, and only he has my permission to write for Joseph while I am away should he need to. Questions, queries or concerns should be directed to him in the first instance. Don't message me and expect a reply, you'll be waiting nearly two weeks before you get one!

With that, before the end of the month I want to see everyone complete a post under the 'Off The Record' mission header. Remember, this does not have any restrictions placed upon it (except it maintains our PG13 rating, no 18+ stuff!) so do not feel it has to involve your character; it can be an NPC, a distant family member, it could be set in the future, or the past, in an alternate reality, your options are almost endless! There are eight days until the end of the month, so you should all be more than capable of getting a post up! The XO will have our next JP post ready to rock very very shortly, so hop straight onto it when you see it and lets make 2017 the Year of the Sentinel!

» New Civilian on the Block!

Posted on Fri Jan 20th, 2017 @ 8:46am by Commodore Joseph Banning in General News

Please join me in welcoming back Teresa to our team here on the USS Sentinel! Teresa has returned with her character, Dallas Risi, who will be in charge of running the ship's Lounge. Stop by for a drink and a chat (once we get him aboard that is) and make Teresa feel welcome here again!

Latest Mission Posts

» Full Speed Ahead

Mission: Mission 5: In A Time Of Need
Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 8:44pm by Commodore Joseph Banning & Ensign Elizabeth Banning [PNPC - Banning] & Chief Petty Officer Eleanor Bartlet [PNPC - Banning] & Lieutenant Commander Janshen Tyr & Lieutenant Loras Saiya & Lieutenant Jarex Rel & Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick & 1st Lieutenant Michael Games


"Transporter Room One, do you have them?" Joseph called over the comm, leaning towards the centre console from his chair as he awaited the response from the transporter chief three decks below.

[Transporter Room One]

The Petty Officer at the controls of the transporter watched the pad with keen…

» Hello Doctor

Mission: Off the Record
Posted on Thu Mar 2nd, 2017 @ 4:03am by Lieutenant Loras Saiya & Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick

    He could not put it off any longer. He had been on the Sentinel for almost two weeks and he had not so much as been to the medical deck to get his mandatory physical. With his security evaluation of the ship done as well…

» Evac!

Mission: Mission 5: In A Time Of Need
Posted on Sun Feb 19th, 2017 @ 12:39am by Commodore Joseph Banning & Lieutenant Commander Janshen Tyr & Lieutenant Loras Saiya & Lieutenant Jarex Rel & Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick & 1st Lieutenant Michael Games & Ensign Matthew Russell


[SS Hudson Bay XXII - Mess Hall Corridor]

Janshen counted the Away Team members as they rushed out of the Mess Hall. There were three missing! He secured his visor and risked a quick look around the doorway. The unmoving bodies of Richards and two Security officers were being…

» End of the Line

Mission: Off the Record
Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2017 @ 12:41am by Commodore Joseph Banning


Joseph entered the office of Vice Admiral Mackenzie, the Commanding Officer of Starbase Freedom, and the surrounding sectors which the base patrolled. She was decently high-up the Starfleet chain of command, having been a Vice Admiral for almost as long as Joseph could remember her. Mackenzie and Joseph's parents…

» Things Lost and Found

Mission: Mission 5: In A Time Of Need
Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2017 @ 8:31pm by Lieutenant Jarex Rel & Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick


Jarex was in his office, poring over multiple reports from Starfleet Central Intelligence when his terminal pinged with the receipt of a new report. Tapping several buttons on his terminal, he brought up the report; it was marked *Sensitive, Crew Data*. Jarex had several data mining algorithms set up…

Latest Personal Logs

» Jafir Settling In

Posted on Mon Feb 13th, 2017 @ 11:07pm by Lieutenant JG Jafir Mubarick

  It was 1600 hours on the  Sentinel. Beta shift was about to come off while Lt. Mubarick, as well as the rest of Alpha shift was about to come off. At first he considered  going  to the ship's social lounge and mingle with  the crew a bit. However, he remembered…

» Chief Medical Officer's Log supplemental

Posted on Fri Apr 1st, 2016 @ 6:09pm by Lieutenant JG Jas Etelen D.O.

She looked like a dart, unwillingly still, hanging there in space parked alongside the McCoy. There were service craft and men in EVO suits moving about. Lights from the workbee played along her hull, arcs from bipolar torches sealing the docking portals in place. I was struck by her beauty.…

» Captain's Log, Stardate 70057.1

Posted on Fri Jan 22nd, 2016 @ 12:13am by Commodore Joseph Banning

Captain's Log, Stardate 70057.1:

Happily I report that we are back within Federation space, after being lost in the Delta Quadrant for two months. We owe our rescue to a group known as the Borg Cooperative; freed drones from the Collective who have banded together to fight the Collective. By…

» Log of One

Posted on Thu Apr 16th, 2015 @ 4:13pm by Lieutenant JG Sanuye

It goes like this.

The night before we would leave to go into service, there would be a feast. Best and the worst of an eidetic memory rolled into one moment because I can see them. The Amrazi in their long blue robes, faces unshielded, the heart of our tribe.…

» Wings?

Posted on Wed Mar 4th, 2015 @ 4:35pm by Ensign

I knew they had done things to me. [Laugh]

Gee, I guess the implants weren't a good enough hint. The blood filtration, subspace transceivers, numerous actuators, weren't a good enough hint.

I had a dream. An old memory, almost. I had wings. They were flaps attached under my arms, part…

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